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Why you should join NDSA today!

As a professional trade group Northeast Dairy Suppliers Association, Inc. will provide you with all of the following:


Represent your interests before government leaders, industry and business community.  Our association serves as an “early warning system” for members and wards off potential industry-wide problems. If your business or the industry faces major threats and needs support our association is right there on the front line fighting for you.  

Member Only Services

We offer a variety of tangible cost savings services to our members and their employees.  Including but not limited to all lines of insurance, safety and environmental consulting and energy providers.


We sponsor a variety of enriching events and activities – including conferences, seminars and outings designed especially for dairy industry representatives making networking a reality for you and your industry peers.

Member Only Publications

Every Wednesday morning we send our members the latest dairy industry news in our weekly Northeast Dairy Connecntion email.  We have a very comprehensive membership directory and buyers guide that puts you in direct contact with other industry representatives from all over the Northeast.  We also publish a quarterly industry related magazine, Northeast Dairy Magazine, that is available in print and digitally to all NDSA members.


Face it, you’re in business to make a profit.  Your ability to generate profit is our association’s primary concern and we are here to help you survive and prosper.


Our association’s members are people who have many of the same concerns, needs and interests as you. They’re the kind of people you’ll enjoy meeting, and the kind of people who will end up as your friends  

Give and Take

We provide members with the opportunity to discuss their mutual problems, probe new directions, share and explore each other’s thoughts.  All with a high degree of professional respect and candor. 


When you are facing a problem isn’t is great to be able to shop a variety of solutions under one roof?  Our association is a “one-stop” shop for advice, contacts, inspiration and suggestions on a wide range of topics. 


One of the most valuable benefits of association membership is the opportunity to “listen in” on the creativity of peers.  Associations are like rich farm soil; once fertilized with the participation of members, bold new ideas sprout up everywhere. 


Your business needs leaders – people who can mobilze you and your peers toward industry-wide action, and who can chart your industry’s future.  Our association produces voluntary leadership that can make a difference.


You are never alone when you join an association.  Membership gives you and your peers the opportunity to speak with a single voice on matters of importance to the industry.


Our association is the  most cost-effective vehicle for managing industry wide concerns and activities.